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Tech Quest

  • Computer

The Tech Quest by sadhvi preetisudhaji,the International School is aimed towards providing the students with a detailed understanding of different features of computer programming and other command languages related to the computers.

  • Quiz Game
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Junior Ramanujan

  • Mathematics

Junior Ramanujan Maths Competition is conducted to test and enhance the mathematical aptitude and analytical skills of the students. This competition provides a platform for our young mathematical geniuses to explore their interests.

  • Maths Quiz Competition
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Junior Einstein

  • Science

Junior Einstein is organized by S.P.I.S. focuses on motivating the students to think outside of the box and understand the various scientific concepts in a best and effective manner. It gives an edge to their thinking.It is science quiz competition.

  • Science Quiz Competition
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Word Master

  • English

Sadhvi Preetisudhaji,the International School from time-to-time organizes ‘Word Master’, a unique competition for the students to brush up their Language and Vocabulary skills. Competitions are a very good platform for polishing their skills and pushing them to excel in the same.

  • English Quiz Competition
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  • English

Speakathon organized by S.P.I.S. is an initiative to instil confidence and self-esteem in the students. It allows them to face and conquer the fear of public speaking, thereby improving their communication skills. Is it best competition to increase communication power of students.

  • English Communication Competition
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Inter/Intra SST Competition

  • Social Studies

S.P.I.S's.S.St. Competition is organized with an intention to attract the interests of our students towards Social Studies. The competition includes creative activities such as Model Making, Role Plays, Travel Brochure making etc, to familiarize the students with basic concepts of history, geography and civics.

  • Social Studies Based Competition